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Writing & Projects Summary

On this page you will see a summary of writing and projects by comedian and writer Jim Judges

The Character of Comedy podcast features a whole host of comedians talking about their work and finding out about their background, how they got started, their on-stage experiences, their writing process and their motivations for what they do. It considers  consider some of the differences and similarities between regular more authentic stand-up and the amazing funny fictional world of character comedy.

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Jim performs stand-up character comedy as cutlery and general safety expert
Ian Crawford. His all new show "Accidental Pop: Now That's What I Call Safety" is coming to The Edinburgh Fringe and a venue near you in 2024

Find out more about Ian Crawford

Jim is a part-time PhD candidate in the School of Arts at the University of Kent
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Jim is an Equity member.

Jim also created the comedy show "An A to Z of Fish & Chips" that was performed at the Leicester, Brighton, Buxton, Tunbridge-Wells, Edinburgh and Colchester Fringe in 2022.
Read more about the Fish & Chip show.

Reviews written by Jim Judges

Troy Hawke: Sigmund Troy'd

Milo McCabe in the guise of 1930s styled, home-schooled, infectiously enthusiastic character Troy Hawke takes the audience on an hilarious Scrabble-assisted, social media-fused, flight of fancy into a world of coincidence, conspiracy and so much more. 

Tom Little

Tom Little delivers an hour of fast-paced, warm and intelligent comedy. He may appear nervous and socially awkward and be worried about his own physical decline, but fear-not his mind and comedy skills are as sharp as anything.  His unique view on the world and likeable persona mean that if you are looking for something comedic that represents a fine example of its type and an exemplar of what good comedy can be then this is a must-see show

Kevin Flynn:
Fear of Heights

Kevin Flynn may have it all in his blood, but nobody makes it this far without grit, steel, determination and learning from a few life lessons along the way. He presents a clear and humble vision of where he came from and how he got there in a highly entertaining, funny and engaging hour reflecting on his own search for fame, fortune and success.

Alan Partridge:

Steve Coogan is a successful character comedian, actor, impersonator, producer and screenwriter. From his beginnings as the voice behind the latex in Spitting Image to his most famous character, Norfolk's very own cringe-inducing presenter and star of stage and screen. His latest 31 date UK arena tour sees 'Doctor Alan Gordon Partridge' aka Alan Partridge back on stage in his brand new live show Stratagem.

The Elephant in
the Room

Priyanka Shetty’s colourful and energetic solo show presents a personal journey and retelling of key events from her life. She quit her software job in India to become an actor and to pursue her own American dream. The show plays out backstage in the dressing room before her performance, the performer is anticipating the arrival of her parents, they will be in the audience tonight. She worries they will not like what they see, after all there is swearing and lots of personal family content. What will they think? It seems like she might not be able to go on


There are ghostly goings on and a mystery to be solved as three friends meet following the death of their close friend, a successful horror writer. They await the arrival of their dead friend’s daughter and during the next highly entertaining hour, through many twists and surprises, some long buried truths are revealed. This is an early afternoon theatrical treat that is highly recommended.

Horse Country

Bob and Sam may be one card short of a full deck but they have plenty to say in this energetic return of C. J. Hopkin’s surreal and thought-provoking satire on culture, freedom and the meaning of life. This is great writing and super acting that together provide a Fringe hidden gem that is well worth seeking out.

Space Hippo

This is Japanese shadow puppetry courtesy of Seri Yanai from Japan and Daniel Wishes from Canada. Together, as the Mochinosha Puppet Company, they use their voices and hundreds of intricately cut paper puppets, some lamps and a big screen to deliver a blockbuster of a show. This is Space Hippo.

Leon the Magician: Table Tennis is Magic

If you want to stand out in Edinburgh at this time of year you need a unique proposition, something a little different that will cause heads to turn and get people talking. How about serving up a highly entertaining table tennis magic show? At the Fringe it makes perfect sense.

We Are What We Overcome

This show provides a personal reflection on a journey through one man’s decline in mental health and how he came back from the brink. An important story told with warmth and honesty, supported by some good music and songs.

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